Easily Increase Your Event Attendance for as little as $50 a Month


Imagine maximizing the full potential of all of your existing advertising spend for only an additional $50. Sounds like a no brainer, impossible or a gimmick right? Well, it’s not. What is the old marketing adage? “I know 50% of my budget is working, I just don’t know which 50%.” Think about your print ads, radio, even social and web ads. You’re doing it all. Except, Remarketing.

Remarketing allows you to serve ads only to those persons who viewed your event page, gave you an email or phone number. How likely do you think you are to get a conversion from a new radio or print ad viewer versus an actual person who you know for a fact already viewed your web site? If you only had $1, where would you rather spend it? I’d put my money on Remarketing.

Learn how to utilize remarketing for your event schedule and increase your monthly event attendance with ease.

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