Case Study – Furniture Company


A furniture company that sells proprietary modular furniture. Margins are very low, and we’re up against big boys like Lazy Boy and Serta. A true David vs. Goliath story.

The company’s main focus and goal was to sell more products. The brand had two main challenges. First, the brand had no digital focus or strategy for growing its online business. Second, connecting with customers in order to convey the functionality of their product was difficult. Being that the product was a disruption to the current marketplace, the business had a hard time conveying to the customer what their product did while at the same time having the challenge of selling furniture online at a time when furniture was largely sold in person at retail stores.


When faced with this complicated set of problems, Vero Beach Marketing chose a 3-step approach to monetize. First, we focused on the existing sales channel and worked to replicate its success using the Facebook marketing platform. Within two months of testing, we had…

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Vero Beach Marketing _ Case Study _ Furniture Company

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