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“This is a great opportunity to learn from marketing professionals that know your business challenges and have the real world solutions you have been looking for.  Learn from marketing pros that are ‘walking the walk’ in the marketing industry.” -Kimball Stadler

I reverse engineer everything when it comes to the marketing and sales process. I can look at the lack of sales a company is experiencing, deep dive into the sales strategies, and keep backing up to the quantity and quality of leads coming in from the marketing funnel.

Often times, the issues are on both the marketing side in need of better targeting and messaging tactics and on the sales side with a lack of process and followup skills. The work starts before the lead enters in the sales funnel as it’s all about the messaging and nail down a call to action essential in getting you closer to the conversion.

It’s all about the guest experience at Capt Hirams Resort and I have the pleasure of being one of the crew members in our marketing area.

Here’s to building strategic relationships within our community and getting the word out through social media, Google AdWords, email marketing, and images that scream… “come put your toes in our sand!”

It’s a fun place for a staycation, a HS reunion, wedding, anniversary, music spot, or just to hang with the locals.

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Vero Beach Marketing Summit Schedule

Day 1 – Schedule – Friday, October 5th

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Day 2 – Schedule – Saturday, October 6th

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