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Case Study – Healthcare Company

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Situation Healthcare Company is an online doctor referral service that connects patients with doctors and insurance plans. The demand for lead generation is essential for the business to function. The website is focused on connecting consumers with healthcare solutions and issues. The challenge was to bring in enough leads at a low enough cost per acquisition for the model to …

Case Study – Furniture Company

stacyCase Studies

Situation A furniture company that sells proprietary modular furniture. Margins are very low, and we’re up against big boys like Lazy Boy and Serta. A true David vs. Goliath story. The company’s main focus and goal was to sell more products. The brand had two main challenges. First, the brand had no digital focus or strategy for growing its online …

Case Study – Real Estate Team

stacyCase Studies

Situation A real estate team in a seasonal vacation city wanted to have a steady cost effective stream of leads year round. This was a challenging project as we had two major hurdles in front of us. First, we had to contend with a seasonal interest in property and second, we were marketing in a platform that other agents use …