Local Marketing 101: For Businesses New and Old

Often overlooked, ignored and deemed not important. Here are the main things, your business should consider before spending money on advertising in Vero Beach, Sebastian and Indian River County or the Treasure Coast.

We are operating under the assumption that your business has a website and a Facebook page already. Need help? We would like to preface this article with the fact that you get out of things what you put into them, if you think simply signing up gets the job done, you’re wrong. You have to engage, participate, and put in energy to get results with anything you do for your business.

First things first, if you do not have your Google Maps page setup, verified, profile configured and filled out 100%, drop everything and get this done. Need help?

Be sure to request reviews from family, friends, and colleagues.

Your Facebook page is great but remember the algorithm. Unless you are boosting posts or have a VERY engaging post roughly only 10% of your followers are seeing your post on average.

This makes Facebook groups and events very appealing for smaller marketing budgets. When you post to a group or event, everyone, within a reasonable login timeframe will see your posts. Creating an event and/or co-hosting an event is a great way to connect locally.

Below are a few local groups that we use and think you should too…

Facebook Groups

#1 – IRC Business Networking Group

#2 – Treasure Coast Business Recommendation

#3 – Vero Beach Foodie

#4 – SeptemberInVero

More Treasure Coast Business Groups, Vero Beach Business Groups,  and Sebastian Business Groups.

Old school still matters, especially here in Vero Beach. People want to see, meet and yes, actually shake your hand. All chamber groups below have regular events and meetups. Below is a list of additional in-person meetups outside of the chambers.

Networking Groups

#1 – Christian Business Association

#2 – We Are Vero

#3 – BNI Power Partners

#4 – Premiere Women’s Network

More? give us your comments below.

Nope, Chambers aren’t extinct, and Indian River County as five of them! The evolution, however, is your digital chamber of commerce, Vero Vine.

Vero Vine

Add your business, create deals, put your event on the most comprehensive event calendar in the IRC, create local deals and add a classified. Immerse yourself in the community immediately and for Free! Need help?

Be sure to request recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues.


#1 – Indian River County Chamber

#2 – Vero Beach Chamber

#3 – Oceanside Business Association

#4 – Main Street Vero Beach

#5 – Sebastian River Area Chamber


If you personally do not have a LinkedIn profile, it is highly recommended. It is your digital resume. Please have a look at my personal page and feel free to connect. There are business pages available just like Facebook and just another excellent opportunity to promote and garner another SEO link for your business. Have a look at Vero Beach Marketing business page. Be sure to request recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues.

Did we forget something? Sound off in the comments below…