A Success Story: Bose, Automation, and Strategic Planning

As a brand grounded in innovation, Bose has created and transformed categories in audio and beyond. A few years ago, the company led its digital marketing with an efficiency-first strategy and applied automation in only about 10% of its digital campaigns. Then something happened that forced Bose to consider a shift in its approach. In 2020, the brand faced three key obstacles: increased competition in the consumer electronics category, heavy reliance on third-party retailers to drive sales, and brick-and-mortar store closures.

In the face of those challenges, Bose and its agency MediaCom looked for new ways to stay cost efficient while accelerating direct-to-consumer (DTC) revenue growth on Bose.com. “As COVID drove more consumers online, we needed to quickly pivot to respond to the increased demand and competition in the market,” said Hilary Giesler, Bose’s global digital performance marketing manager.