5 Must-Ask Questions to Find the Perfect Media Agency Partner

Tiffancy BentTips & Tricks

So, what’s the big deal with media agencies? Well, they’re like your guides in the crazy world of marketing, keeping up with changes in how people behave, the ways we consume media, and all the new tech that keeps popping up. It’s their gig to make sure your marketing game is strong.

Wondering what a kickass media agency should look like? Here’s how to tell if you’ve found a good one:

The folks over at Google Media Lab—who handle all things media for Google’s own brands—have come up with five big questions you should ask any agency you’re thinking of working with. This isn’t a complete list, but it’s a great starting point to make sure they can handle the job.

  1. Data and Decision-Making: How does your agency use data to make decisions? Great marketing relies on solid data. Ask them how they strategize with data and whether they can predict campaign success before your money’s even spent. Can they adjust things as the campaign runs?

  2. Understanding Your Audience: What does your agency know about your audience and how does that shape their strategy? A top-notch agency needs to get your audience right and use those insights to craft strategies that hit the mark, whether locally or globally.

  3. Privacy Matters: What does being privacy-forward mean to your agency? With privacy being a hot topic, your agency should help you navigate this area confidently, ensuring they’re transparent about how they handle data.

  4. Managing Creativity: How does your agency handle creative challenges? With the digital world demanding more tailored content, your agency should have the tools and tactics to manage this complexity without breaking a sweat.

  5. Future Plans for AI: What’s the agency’s approach to AI? With AI becoming a big part of marketing, find out how your agency plans to use AI now and in the future.

Each agency will have different strengths, but a great one will show you clearly how they can meet your needs and help your business grow. Use these questions as a conversation starter and find yourself a partner that really gets your business. Hope this helps you pick a standout agency!

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