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“If I can do one thing for you, it will be to save you time and money. I’ll offer you my experiences with paid digital marketing, the successes and FAILURES. I am more than happy to share with you everything. Ask me anything. Don’t waste another minute guessing. I will tell you what I have done, how I did it, and show you the results, the good and the bad.” – Stacy Cook

Results-driven business development professional with 20+ years in digital marketing. The bulk of my experience has been in early stage start-up’s, either as a founder or as an early hire. I excel at conceptualizing unique monetization strategies, pitching them to potential partners, and then managing long-term execution around collaborative monitoring of relevant KPI’s. $25 million managed lifetime.

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Infographic: 2017 State of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of those areas that’s become, in a way, all-encompassing. There’s social media, there’s SEO, and there are the analytics that come with both. And with the rapid pace at which digital marketing evolves, it can be difficult and confusing to prioritize which parts deserve your attention.

That’s why the Search Engine Journal launched the 2017 State of Digital Marketing.

To find out where digital marketers focus their time and budgets, and how they set parameters of success, over 200 industry professionals were surveyed, filling roles within SEO, paid search, and content marketing.

Some of the most interesting findings were broken down into the handy infographic below. Among them were statistics on PPC spending — which ranges from $50 to $5,000 — and data showing that Facebook is still the preferred social media channel for 62% of marketers.

Copy and Image provided by Search Engine Journal.

Want to know where things stand in other areas of digital marketing? Read on to learn more.