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Day 1 – Schedule – Saturday, October 28th, 2017

Beginner to Intermediate levels. View Full Schedule.

Day 2 – Schedule – Sunday, October 29th, 2017

Intermediate to Advanced levels. Speaker Discussion Panel. View Full Schedule.

Stacy Cook Vero Beach

About Your Speaker Stacy Cook (Vero Beach Marketing / Vero Vine)

Results-driven business development professional with 20+ years in digital marketing. The bulk of my experience has been in early stage start-up’s, either as a founder or as an early hire. I excel at conceptualizing unique monetization strategies, pitching them to potential partners, and then managing long-term execution around collaborative monitoring of relevant KPI’s. $25 million managed lifetime spend.

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Kimball Stadler Vero Beach

About Your Speaker Kimball Stadler (Top Dog Performance)

With over 25 years of sales and marketing experience, formulating new ideas, and marketing initiatives is where our speaker, Kimball Stadler excels. Whether delivering workshops, speaking to non-profits and large corporations about leveraging an online strategy, she works to assist people in knowing social media and marketing automation better by defining: what the customer experience should look like, what to post, how to post and frankly… WHY to post in this fast-paced digital marketplace! She is the Founder of Top Dog Performance – which is a marketing company that blends traditional networking ideas and tactics to an online presence for business professionals and the radio host for Hot Dog Marketing.

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Thomas Miller Vero Beach

About Your Speaker Tom Miller (The Food Guy)

Tom’s love of cooking started at an early age but was put on hold to pursue a career in the Information Technology. Over the last 10 years, Tom’s passion for healthy cooking, organic food, and pasture raised meats has been growing exponentially! As the Chef and BBQ Pit Master for a pasture based farming operation back in his home state of Indiana, he creates recipes and demonstration videos to promote those products.

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Nick Verola Vero Beach

About Your Speaker Nick Verola (Verola Studios)

Worked for a private financial firm in Orlando until accepting a position as a marketing director for a construction and building company in my hometown of Vero Beach. I then decided to pursue my passion for filmmaking full-time, after growing weary of the monotony of working a 9-5 desk position. In the last 4 years I have filmed, edited and produced over 320 luxury wedding films, dozens of corporate films and commercials, and has worked as a producer, camera operator, and editor all over the world for multiple TV shows broadcast on networks including NBC Sports, Pursuit Channel, Sportsmans Channel, EWTN and Wild Africa TV. I continue to develop my skills and portfolio and I always aim to produce films that are powerful, impactful and visually stunning.

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Brandee Anthony Vero Beach

About Your Speaker Brandee Anthony (Vero Beach Mermaid)

Brandee is a professional photographer and social media content creator/consultant for global brands and individuals. Traveling the world she speaks at conferences, creates vlogs and live streams to hundreds of thousands of viewers. She was nominated for the first ever award on the social media platform Snapchat as Best Newcomer and is ranked one of the highest users on the app Periscope. Since seeing social media success she has turned to teaching businesses in Vero Beach how to create compelling content for social media and leverage and market their products and services in the digital age. With millions of views on her viral videos to specialized photography and videography, Brandee works hard to create content and strategies that will maximize and impact businesses.

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About Your Speaker Daria Verola (Verola Studio)

Hi there, I’m Daria Verola, but I often go by Dasha. My journey into photography started in my teenage years. I still remember the excitement I felt the day I got my first DSLR camera and had Photoshop installed on my computer over a decade ago. This excitement has never left and has actually grown the more I learned about the art of photography. I was born in Russia, grew up in Belarus and went to a linguistic university there. I moved to the USA in 2011 and became a photographer with Verola Studio, which is when I fully embraced my new career. I love photography and my true passion is in the world of business. My experience in lifestyle and professional photography as well as years of managing social media for Verola Studio have equipped me to create great photographic content for businesses that help them attract their “ideal clients” and showcase their work. Now I am teamed up with my husband, Nick Verola, to create great photo and video campaigns and top quality content for all the businesses out there.

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