Pivots from the Pandemic that are Here to Stay

“It’s been a full year since the World Health Organization declared COVID a global pandemic. A full year since much of the world went into lockdown. A full year of setbacks and pivots, struggles and reinvention. Throughout this week we’ll be featuring leaders from across Google as they reflect on what’s changed, what’s stayed the same, and the tectonic shifts in consumer behavior. Dig in. ” — Natalie Zmuda, Editor-in-Chief, Think with Google

For the past year, as the entire world reeled from the effects of a pandemic, many companies were in a continual scramble to figure out how — and even if — they should move forward with day-to-day business. Some sectors, like travel, saw astounding disruption. Others, like online retail, saw an opportunity for growth.

Whatever sector you happened to be in, you had to consider the right marketing approach. We all spent the better part of the year rethinking how we did everything. And to that end, we thought it was worth a look back at the last year to see some of the biggest changes — and the pivots that will remain.

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