Watch Out: Your Facebook Events May Be Getting Hijacked

Facebook Event Theft

Yeah, It’s theft alright. Someone takes your event that you have already posted on Facebook and duplicate posts it for their own.

Super shady right? Well it is happening right here in Indian River County in a major way.

How can you check for this? Use the Facebook search and search for your event name or variations of your event name. If you locate multiple listings for the same dates then you likely have a copy cat. Click each event and if the host or creator is not you then click the link and ask them to remove the event. You can also report them to Facebook.

It’s called Event Spoofing and it dilutes your audience and event messaging. I have even been fooled myself, showing interest, noted my attendance and even engaged a spoofed event.

This is bad for many reasons…

#1 – It makes your event look smaller than it is.

#2 – Prevents you from communicating with those interested and attending on the spoofed event.

#3 – Make the copy cat seem like the event authority.

#4 – Offers the copycat opportunity to acquire Facebook event subscribers that should be yours.

#5 – Tricks your event followers.

#6 – Allows the copycat to communicate with your event followers.

If you think this is happening to you and you need help or confirmation please reach out.

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