Invite to Like Facebook Page by Email

You may or may not be familiar with a feature that recently changed “Invite by Email”, well recently I found this option was missing when I tried to use it on Vero Vine. I had used it before. Facebook moved some things around again.


It all resides under “Suggest Page”. Here you can use various lists of contacts to invite people to Like your page. In this case, I want to export all email subscribers from Mailchimp to like the VV Facebook page. You want to be sure they are subscribers of some type before inviting as Facebook will email those email not on Facebook for you as the invitation as well as “suggest” to those already using Facebook.

How do I suggest my Page to my email contacts?


You can upload your email contacts so that they’ll be more likely to see a suggestion to like your Page on Facebook.

To suggest your Page to your email contacts:

  1. Click on your Page’s cover photo
  2. Select Suggest Page
  3. Upload a file or choose your email service and follow the on-screen instructions

Your Page may be suggested to your contacts who are on Facebook in places like Recommended Pages. If your email contacts aren’t on Facebook, they won’t see your suggestion.

Keep in mind that you can upload contacts up to 5 times for a maximum of 7,000 contacts per day per Page. You can upload a maximum of 5,000 contacts at a time.

How to Apply Best Practices to Forward Thinking Marketing

Consider the following scenarios: “Why do we only have outbound efforts included in our marketing strategy?”

“Why do we have so much of our marketing budget allocated to print advertising?”
“…Because that’s what we’ve always done.”

It is easy to let the convenience of routine dictate your marketing strategy, but considering how forward-thinking marketing is, you aren’t doing yourself or your business any favors by doing what you’ve always done.

Unfortunately, the best practice concept is often mistaken for “The Only Way It Can Be Done.”

While best practices are vital for business success, a forward-thinking mentality is needed to keep those practices effective. Best Practice Combined With Forward Thinking in today’s marketing environment is not only advantageous—it’s an absolute necessity.

Together they can result in extremely successful, profitable results when making decisions relative to your marketing spending. Next time you hear, “Because that’s what we’ve always done…” you can respond with “…yes, and while that has proven to be successful, what if we could expand even more on that already proven process?” Read More.

A Facebook Mathematical Breakdown


Do you know what your Facebook post average impressions (views) are? On average it is 10%.

If your Facebook page has 1,000 fans, only 100 of “your” fans are seeing your posts unless you create REALLY engaging posts. This is due to the Facebook algorithm change made when boosting was introduced. This is where Facebook started requiring money to reach “your” fans.

Your event post on Vero Vine will earn you a minumum of 20,000 views a month on the calendar. The weekly email will earn you over 500 views a week.

Unless you are spending money boosting to audiences on Facebook and/or Google you will never reach the audience you can reach on Vero Vine. A single event submissions earns you thousands of views for Free. You would have to post to Facebook 10 times, make 10 posts for your event and still you would receive less event impressions.

Give Your Event Attendance a Boost


#1 – Post Your Event to Vero Vine – Free

#2 – Boost Your Event on Vero Vine Facebook – $100

#3 – Remarketing on Google & Facebook to Your Website Viewers – $100

#4 – Remarketing on Google & Facebook to Vero Vine Website Viewers – $100

#5 – Display Ads on Google & Facebook to Targeted Audiences – $100

#6 – Create Custom Email & Phone Lists – Free

#7 – Display Ads on Google & Facebook to Custom Lists – $100

Positive Change in Your Community

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